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Monday, June 24, 2013

Jesse Starr's Love

Jesse Starr
I've been creating a story centered around Jesse Starr and Dan.  I've been dreaming of what it would be like to actually date him.  To have a 5 year relationship with him.  I've been making him into my ideal partner for life.  The man I would want to marry.  I don't know if the character I'm making is the same or similar to the real Jesse Starr but it's all in good fun anyway.  I can imagine myself with Jesse any day.  I feel he's a really good person who's outgoing and caring.  Who loves to be playful and loves to have fun.  I can see him get excited and energetic.  To want to be the life of the party.  I can see Jesse and me as completing each other and making the other more confident and stronger with our individual strengths.  

So I've began writing a novel of what life would be like for me if I had met Jesse Starr in real life.  How we met.  How we started dating.  Why Jesse wanted to date me and why I wanted to date him.  What our first date would be like.  What happens afterward.  Where we go from there to living together in our own house with cute puppies.  It's a journey of discovery for both Jesse and me.  We encounter numerous plots on the way.  Ultimately living out our lives together happily ever after.  Living life to the most fulfilling as we can make it.  How our love grows stronger with each passing day.  

Jesse Starr
I can totally see myself living happily ever after with the Jesse Starr version I've created.  I hope the real Jesse Starr is about the same as the one I've created for myself.  I can totally see him as a really lovable person.  Just like me ;)  Full of life.  Wanting to explore and seek out new fun things to do.  Loving to watch movies and listen to music.  To just chill at home and talk.  Some nights are out hanging or doing something.  And some nights are chill at home snuggling on the couch together.  I can see he would be very passionate and romantic.  And would love being wooed by me.  We would have a lot of fun on dates and just hanging out.  I can totally see us being a perfect match for each other.  Having a lot of similar interests and things in common.  I know we could talk for hours on end about practically everything under the sun.  

Jesse Starr
The perfect date for Jesse and I would be me picking him up at his place then us getting a bite to eat.  After lunch we would go for a walk on the beach holding hands and the occasional kiss.  We would talk about life, love, nature, music, movies and some fashion thrown in for good measure.  After our walk we would go see a movie that we both want to see.  Hopefully a romantic comedy.  Holding hands and my arm around Jesse is a given during the movie.  If Jesse gets scared he'll hide in my strong shoulders.  After the movie we would get a bite to eat and discuss the movie.  Then we'd go sit on the beach and watch the sunset, while enjoying the best that life has to offer.  Maybe occasionally we'd play in the sand.  I'd chase him around as he screeches in delight.  As the sunsets we're holding hands watching it wink good night.  We'd kiss then go home.  At home we'd have some tea, maybe do a little dancing and talking.  Of course snuggling on the couch together is a must.  Then when we're both too tired to keep our eyes open we'll go upstairs to sleep together.  My arms would wrap Jesse in pure love.  Now Check out my website for my romance story of Jesse and Me. 

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